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Motor and Generator Storage


How you store your motors and generators may affect the life of your electrical equipment. Over time, conditions such as moisture, dirt, dust, exposure to rodents, and general vibration will have a negative impact on the electrical and mechanical condition of the stored motors and generators.

When storing motors and generators for any significant amount of time, a number of requirements should be considered:

  1. Store the electric motors away from sources of significant vibrations, contamination, and moisture.
  2. Rotate the shaft of the motor monthly, or at a minimum, rotate the motor shaft quarterly.
  3. If the storage area ever reaches the dew point, install heaters or dehumidifiers to prevent condensation.
  4. Perform motor circuit analysis periodically to ensure that winding degradation has not occurred. Some plants place a tag on each motor showing the last dates for inspections on condition of the motor, with different colors representing the schedule for turning the shaft (green for the first month of each quarter, red for the second month, and yellow for the third).

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