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Top 5 Articles of 2017!


EmpoweringMotors.com was launched in 2017 and is happy to share the Top 5 most popular articles viewed on this site this year! Please use the comments section to request motor and drive related topics you’d like to see covered in 2018.

AC Induction Motors vs Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

What are the differences between AC induction Motors and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors?

Industrial IIoT is Changing Mindsets about Critical Equipment Maintenance

The cost for sensors, processing power, communication protocols, and data storage have been dramatically reduced over the last 2 to 3 years, creating greater motivation to utilize IoT for monitoring and control systems in industrial applications. As industry chooses to prioritize real-time monitoring of motor health, we will see an increase in both the number of motors that come equipped with IoT capabilities as well as an increase in industry’s operating efficiency and productivity.

Guide to Explosive Atmospheres

When it comes to hazardous areas, you want to be SAFE! This easy-to-read Guide to Explosive Atmospheres provides detailed info about area classification, protection concepts, atmosphere groups, temperature classes, ATEX & IECEx & North American Marking, and Equipment Protection Level.

Electric Motor Repair and Reliability

Various studies conducted by IEEE, EPRI, and EASA have shown many cases where repaired motors do not last as long as they should due to poor repair practices. Howard W. Penrose, Ph.D., CMRP, President of MotorDoc, argues that some part of the repetitive failures of these motors is due to a lack of diagnostics, or forensics, reported to the motor owner through the repair process.

Booster System Retrofit for Boston High-Rise Runs with WEG Pump Genius

All buildings taller than five floors need a booster system because water pressure drops as elevation increases. Industrial Pump Sales & Service was tasked with installing a new booster system in a Boston high-rise with 46 floors.

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