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    ALL-TEST PRO 5 De-Energized Motor Tester

    All-Test Pro ATP-Pro5 Motor Tester

    Predictive Maintenance Made VERY Easy

    ALL-TEST Pro’s hand-held electric motor circuit analysis instrument, the AT5™, performs a comprehensive assessment of a motor’s health for troubleshooting, predictive maintenance and quality control of in-service, stored and incoming motors. Intuitive on-screen, menu-driven prompts guide users through testing process. Perform tests directly at motor terminals or, for hard-to-reach motors (such as submersible pumps), from distances to 1000 feet. Ideal for low-, medium- and high-voltage AC motors and DC motors, as well as generators and transformers.

    URL: http://www.alltestpro.com/products/de-energized-motor-testing-products/all-test-pro-5tm.html

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